Flower Partners (Donors and Recipients)

Your generous flower donation may be given to community members such as:

Teachers/School Staff

Brighten classrooms and inspire future generations with your floral donations, showing appreciation for their dedication to education.

Hospital Patients/Staff

Bring comfort and smiles to those in medical care, including the hardworking staff who provide care and support.

Patients in Memory Care Centers

Create moments of joy and connection for individuals in memory care centers, enhancing their quality of life with the beauty of flowers.

Residents in Homeless Shelters

Offer a touch of warmth and hope to those facing challenging times, reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Nursing Home Residents

Enrich the lives of seniors in nursing homes, bringing nature's beauty indoors and fostering a sense of belonging.

Hospice Center Residents

Provide solace and tranquility to individuals in hospice care, offering them moments of serenity and comfort through floral gifts.